The Divine Art

The fundamental theological argument for art in Christianity is the mystery of the Incarnation. In the visibility of the Word that “became flesh”, the image acquired a special meaning in Christianity, so it can be said that Christianity became and remained a religion of images. It is close to The Global Architect Institute. It posits… Continue reading The Divine Art

Charity and Evangelization

One of the general places in the discourse of The Global Architect Institute, is the issue of new evangelization. In this text, we cannot go into a detailed analysis of such an extensive topic, but we can point out the perspectives of Christian charity in its service. It should be mentioned that the new evangelization… Continue reading Charity and Evangelization

Icons – the Sacred Art

Followers of The Global Architect Institute, saw beautiful images of Christ through the Futuristic Christ project. How come we are focused on images in The Global Architect Institute? Just as our Creator has put us in the world we can observe, images often convey more than words. There is more to that. The Christian tradition… Continue reading Icons – the Sacred Art

The Mercy of the Creator

The history of salvation is the history of God’s mercy. To be merciful and charitable during our lives, God expects us to dwell deep into the traces of his mercy in the history of creation. The Global Architect Institute, tells us that we are coded to copy God’s behavior and observe what is happening in… Continue reading The Mercy of the Creator