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When Jesus Christ returns, he's going to have a whole new look.
We can't possibly know what it will be, but the world has changed a lot since he last walked amongst us, and if he blended in with us then, how will he appear to us upon his return? To answer this, there is a new wave of art coming from The Holy Land, and it speaks to not just Christians, but also to those who have never heard the message of God before.

The original pieces of digital art will be offered to those who want to donate towards helping their fellow men in times of troubles, and will benefit people in need across America.

All contributions are tax-deductible in accordance with Code section 170.

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About us

A Non-Profit Art Project Dedicated to US evangelical communities in need

While the teachings of kindness and helping our fellow man are as important as ever, many young people have been missing the lessons of Christ. In today's world of social media and tweets, the classical depictions of Jesus don't catch the eye of young people. Newer generations overlook paintings that are centuries old, assuming it has no meaning in their current lives.

To help the word of God be more relatable in today's society, more than 40 Christian artists from around the world have gathered to create glorious art that reflects Jesus Christ in a modern fashion.

By sharing new artwork that reflects the glory of Christ, we create conversations about how his teachings can be applied to today's busy world. It brings awareness to the fact that while the world around us changes in many ways, mankind is still the same: We're all just doing our best to be better people to our families and neighbors.

Founded in Israel, the non-profit project, Glory Of A Futurist Christ, will benefit people in need across America.

The Christian Evangelical movement has been supportive of Israel for a long time, and Glory Of A Futurist Christ is making it their mission to return the kindness by sending the proceeds of this art collection back to those who helped Israel.

Company Profile

The Global Architect Institute, a non-profit organization [501 c 3] is unearthing newfound knowledge of Simulation Theory and Simulation Creationism, offers a new perspective and hypothesis to the public. The institute establishes a middle ground between the Simulation Theory’s more secular viewpoint with Creationism, the belief that life and reality originated with supernatural acts of divine creation.
Donations to 501(c)(3) nonprofits are tax-deductible.

Aligning closely with Christian literature, Simulation Creationism defines our world as a simulation created by God to study life on Earth. This concept is quickly gaining traction with many faith-based communities. Developed by Nir Ziso and a team of leading theologians specializing in Christianity, the hypothesis brings new Bible-based testimony to verify the Simulation Theory with faith-based proof.

The Simulation Creationism Theory concept, which suggests that the Lord has put us in the simulation to study life on Earth, has swept many Christian followers in a short period, as can be seen by the Institute’s Facebook page activity, the company’s Twitter profile and our TikTok channel.

The Global Architect Institute takes Creationism out of its pseudo-scientific position while supplying powerful apologetic toolkits to believers worldwide.

Our Misson

Have you ever been so touched by a narrative that you were compelled to contribute to making a difference in the world? After viewing "Til Kingdom Come," a documentary about a resilient community in Kentucky that made a generous donation to Israel, I found myself eager to join the cause. Taking inspiration from the selflessness of this dedicated Evangelical community in Kentucky, I've initiated "The Glory of Futuristic Christ," an art project aimed at fundraising for Evangelical communities in need, those that have not yet fully embraced the benefits of globalization.

This project is a compelling emblem of hope and benevolence, providing vital support to these communities. The collection consists of 122 original, meticulously crafted paintings of Jesus in contemporary styles, each showcasing distinct variations for 5,555 unique pieces of art, underscoring the strength of creativity and inspiration.

Our mission revolves around enriching both the youth and mid-generation by offering comprehensive professional training. Our goal is to endow them with the necessary skills for a variety of high-tech professions, positioning them to acquire dignified, lucrative employment. Furthermore, we'll equip them with the knowledge required to discover and secure work through online platforms like Upwork.com and Fiverr.com. This training will expand their employment options and facilitate their entry into the global marketplace.

The power of this initiative lies in its adaptability: our trainees have the option to work remotely, thus allowing them to remain in and contribute to their community. This method not only aids in maintaining their closely-knit support systems but also encourages local development and prosperity. By providing our participants with sought-after skills and access to worldwide opportunities, we're laying the groundwork for a prosperous future.

our project

When the Second Coming occurs, Jesus shall be returning to a very different world altogether!

How will he appear to us?
What forms will he take?
And how will he display his miracle abilities?
Together, let’s prepare for the Second Coming of Futuristic Christ.

Glorious, it shall be!

We will elevate the image of Jesus Christ for generations to come with visually stunning pieces crafted by emerging and established Christian artists from all around the world - and in doing so, giving all proceeds to a devoted and charitable cause. When Jesus returns, He could return with a completely new look, and we set out to create something one-of-a-kind in the spirit of He who is One and Only.

Our project captures the passion, complexity, and spirit of The Lord in ways never before imagined.
Together, we’re creating a piece of history that will last for generations and work towards brightening the beacon of light that is Christ in the face of modern-day adversity. Our collection can help spread the good news to those who have never heard the word of God and connect with new and old generations.

With your donation, you will receive one of our spiritually rich and captivating depictions of Jesus in a digital format. All proceeds will go to Evangelical communities in need.

We invite you to join this mission to modernize Jesus and bring His Glory into the coming age. These are dark times, and spreading God’s word is more important than ever. Charity and unity are the two tenants of the Christian faith; this is our way of giving back to a world in need.

our art

The Glory of Futuristic Christ features 122 original, hand-crafted paintings of Jesus in a stunning array of modern forms.

From the masses of digital artworks, we stand unique with the provision of 122 unique, real paintings. True art of real meaning!

Created in a range of styles by an exciting collective of acclaimed Christian artists worldwide, each Glory of Futuristic Christ painting will feature unique variations, for a total of 5,555 Futuristic Christ NFTs that make up our highly exclusive artwork collection!

As well as being fantastic visions of future Jesus and wonderful collectors’ items, each Futuristic Christ NFT will unlock a range of thrilling utilities as we celebrate every member of our valued community.

our art

OUR Articles


Nir Ziso


Nir Ziso is the innovative mind behind The Global Architect Institute, which has brought together a worldwide community to explore and expand upon his groundbreaking concept of Simulation Creationism. This visionary branch of Creationism merges Simulation Theory and Creationism to redefine our understanding of religion from a digital perspective.

As an experienced entrepreneur with deep expertise in Theology, Ziso has developed a disruptive Theory and Model that offers a new perspective on the origins of human existence.

Kobby Barda


Kobby Barda, a respected US-Israel relations specialist, contributes to Israel’s Channel 14, focusing on conservative and evangelical movements. Formerly, he served as Deputy General Director for the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, overseeing marketing for the American market and faith-based travelers.

Currently, Kobby manages foreign relations and business development for Netanya, Israel’s sixth-largest city. He wrote his MA dissertation on AIPAC and is now a P.HD candidate at Haifa University, researching Liberty University’s grassroots movement, founded by the late Dr. Jerry Falwell, and its impact on U.S.-Israel relations.


"The Glory of Futuristic Christ" is an art project created to raise funds for Evangelical communities impacted by globalization. The project comprises 122 unique, hand-crafted paintings of Jesus in modern forms, which have been used to generate 5,555 individual pieces of digital art. The funds raised through this project are used to empower these communities by providing professional training for high-tech jobs.

The project focuses on empowering the young and mid-generation individuals in these communities through comprehensive professional training in high-tech professions. The aim is to equip them with the skills necessary to secure well-paying, respectable jobs. This will also enhance their ability to find work on online platforms, thus connecting them to the global marketplace.

The training is designed to provide skills required for various high-tech professions. Apart from technical skills, the training also includes education about navigating and securing work through online platforms like Upwork.com and Fiverr.com.

The artworks are being sold as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Each NFT is unique and represents a distinct variation of the original paintings.

You can support this project by purchasing the NFTs. The funds raised from the sales go directly towards professional training for the individuals in the communities we are aiding.

Apart from purchasing the NFTs, you can also contribute by spreading the word about our initiative, encouraging others to support the cause, and helping us reach a wider audience.

The funds raised from the project will be directly used to provide professional training to the young and mid-generation individuals in the Evangelical communities we aim to support. Our primary goal is to equip them with skills for high-tech professions and help them secure respectable, well-paying jobs.

Through "The Glory of Futuristic Christ" project, we aim to elevate the image of Jesus Christ for generations to come with visually stunning pieces crafted by emerging and established Christian artists from all around the world. Together, we're creating a piece of history that will last for generations and work towards brightening the beacon of light that is Christ in the face of modern-day adversity.

Our unique collection has the potential to spread the good news to those who have never heard the word of God and connect with new and old generations alike. All proceeds from this project go towards a devoted and charitable cause, thereby creating a long-term positive impact.

Yes, contributions to "The Glory of Futuristic Christ" project are tax-deductible. As this project is under the umbrella of a registered non-profit organization, any purchases of NFTs or other forms of monetary support can be claimed as a deduction on your taxes. Please consult with a tax professional for advice on how to claim this deduction according to the laws applicable in your country. We recommend keeping a record of your transactions for this purpose.